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Currently, Indiana Soybean Alliance is conducting soybean meal feed trials for yellow perch at Bell Aquaculture and sensory evaluation analysis of yellow perch filets.


Profitability of Indoor Production of Pacific White Shrimp - A study examining the profitability of indoor production of Pacific white shrimp in Indiana.


Economic Importance of the Aquaculture Industry in Indiana - This Purdue Extension study looked at the Indiana's Aquaculture industry and it's economic value to the state. (June 2013)


An Assessment of Ethnic Market Opportunities for Indiana Farm‐Raised Fish - The overall objective of this study was to examine the ethnic market in the region, particularly in Indiana to assess seafood buying patterns and preferences. (November 2008)

Market Demand and Pricing Potential of Select High Value Aquaculture Species-  This study evaluates the market demand and pricing potential of select high value aquaculture species, including walleye, yellow perch, striped bass and black bass. While the analysis focuses on these species, many of the conclusions and implications can be applied to other developing aquaculture species. (June 2010)

Fish-Based Fertilizer Research –This study was conducted to estimate the market feasibility (competitors) and potential (i.e., potential volume and price) for a fish-based fertilizer in the short- and long-term. (July 2011)

Aquaculture Marketing Research, Simantel - This study was done to define market potential for farm-fresh tilapia, yellow perch, hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass and black bass filets with Midwest restaurants and to explore potential certification options and desired brand attributes in the defined market. (2010)

Aquaculture Marketing Research, ABG, inc. - This study was done to determine market demographics, determine fish species of choice among buyers, examine critical factors that drive sales as well as promotional practices in the industry, estimate demand for hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass and yellow perch and determine how useful it would be to develop an Indiana Fresh Farmed Brand for all fish farms in Indiana. (2008)

For final reports and key findings, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Director of Aquaculture at 317-347-3620


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