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  • Click here for information about Indiana's 2014 soybean production.
  • After harvest, soybean farmers have several options to where their beans go next: on-farm storage, a country elevator, a container yard, a barge terminal, a shuttle elevator or a soybean processor. This makes transportation ever more important to our state.
  • Compared to other states, Indiana ranks 3rd in soybean processing and 4th in soybean production.
  • Of the 238 million bushels produced in 2011, 208 million bushels were crushed into oil and meal for use for livestock feed, biodiesel, industrial uses, and human consumption; 7 million bushels were used for seed; and 23 million bushels were shipped for out-of-state use.
  • Of the 51 million bushels shipped out of state, 65% were shipped by rail and 34% were shipped by barge with the major destination being the port of New Orleans.

    2011 Indiana Soybean Markets


Source: Informa Economics

For Indiana soybean production facts visit the Production and Research Facts.

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