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Soybean farmers were excited to debut the Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds during the 2013 Indiana State Fair. The Indiana Farming Experience housed within the Glass Barn gives visitors a vivid experience of what life is like for farmers and their families. The experience demonstrates the relationship between farmers and their land and how technology serves as a bridge between the two.


Join us again for the 2016 State Fair August 5-21The Glass Barn will be open each day of the Indiana State Fair from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. 





Inside the Barn

During the Indiana State Fair, visitors will be able to visit a farm virtually, meet an Indiana farmer and learn about all where their food comes from.  Some of the interactive exhibits in the Glass Barn include:


  • weGROW– This video theater experience will allow visitors to connect with the farmers who grow their food. They will get to visit a farm virtually, meet real farmers via a live video chat and watch videos portraying what it’s really like to be an Indiana farmer.
  • uFARM– This lively interactive touch screen farming game will allow four people at a time to compete to grow the most food.
  • uEAT – Connect the food you eat with the farmers who grow it in this interactive grocery store. Play games on touchscreens and learn about how soybean farmers are growing enough food to feed you and a growing population.
  • pictureU – Get in front a green screen and impose yourself on a farm! Then send the postcard to your friends and family!


Glass Barn Exhibits








What will the Glass Barn be used for beyond the 17-day fair?

As part of the Barns Global Learning Inititiative and State's Largest Classroom, the Glass Barn invites students and teachers throughout the year to enjoy the hands-on exhibits and discover the journey of our food from farm to plate. Teachers can sign up their classes for educational field trips. 



Watch the Glass Barn being built
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