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Indiana Soybean Alliance has made it a top priority to engage farm families in social media. Though its efforts, many people have joined the conversation of agriculture and have touched consumers not only in Indiana, but across the U.S.


Starting in 2010, ISA trained farm women to tell their life stories via the blogosphere.  Through this effort, many farm women have taken it upon themselves to start the conversation beyond just the workshops. 

Do you want to start blogging? Contact Lauren Taylor at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Common Ground

American soybean and corn farmers have put togetherthis grassroots movement to foster conversation among consumers – on farms and in cities – about where our food comes from. 


Common Ground is made up of a group of volunteer farm women with a plan to change consumer perceptions about food by starting a conversation between women who grow food and the women who buy it. It’s a conversation based on their personal experience as farmers, but also on science and research. Their first goal is to help consumers understand that their food is not grown by a factory. It’s grown by people.

Their web site hosts a list of Food Facts, which are in place to help sort through the myths and misinformation about farming and food. Antibiotics, GMO foods, organic foods, hormones and animal welfare are a few of the topics addressed.


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