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Chemistry Kit Free For Indiana Teachers!

Soy biodiesel is a clean-burning, alternative fuel choice for a wide range of diesel users, including:

  • Schools
  • Public transportation fleets
  • Semi-trucks

Many have made the switch to soy biodiesel over the years, because it’s safer and more environmentally friendly than petroleum diesel. It’s also made in the United States. This increased social consciousness has been captured in the Soy Biodiesel Chemistry Kit, a valuable educational science lab for high school students.

Developed by Purdue University researchers and public school teachers, the kit is an engaging way to apply the basic skills and principles of chemistry. It’s also useful for showing high schoolers real-world chemistry applications and the growing importance of the alternative fuel industry, which is primarily derived from renewable natural resources like soybean oil.

With the exception of readily available science class materials and equipment, the newly updated Soy Biodiesel Chemistry Education Kit comes with everything necessary for 20 students – working in groups of two – to perform each of the six hands-on exercises and experiments.


Order the Kit

Indiana Teachers: FREE
For the online application form, click here.
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Michigan Teachers: As of October 6, the maximum number of complimentary kits has been reached. Thank you for your interest, and if you would still like to purchase a kit for $225, please submit your form below.

Out-of State Teachers: $225
To download and print the application form and send your payment, click here

Please note for Out of State Teachers: If you fill in the online form, you must send the payment in as outlined on the downloadable application form above.


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