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New Use Innovation

The Indiana Soybean Alliance has been sponsoring research at Purdue University's Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Civil Engineering Departments focused on using soy-based products to develop an bio-based concrete sealer

The sealer has the power to effectively stop fluid penetration from rain.  It has also demonstrated positive qualities for adding durability and service life to concrete as it reduces chloride (road salt) penetration.

Although promising for residential, industrial, indoor and outdoor use, at this time, ISA and Purdue are focused on road construction usages.  All roads have joints where different slabs or sections of material meet.  These joints are notorious for rapid deterioration leading to road failure.

Currently, ISA is licensing this technology to qualified manufacturers. Lab work shows potential that ISA’s concrete sealing material could add 10-20 years of life to road joints, using millions of bushels of soybeans and saving the state millions of dollars in joint repair and recovery.


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