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New Use Innovation

It Started in Indiana

Soybean Crayons
 - Indiana soybean farmers and Purdue University brought soy crayons to the marketplace through the Student Soybean Innovation Competition.

Soybean Oil Candles
 - Indiana's first major soy commercialization success!

Concrete Sealer
- ISA has been sponsoring research at Purdue University focused on using soy-based products to develop an effective concrete sealer.


Soybean Products

United Soybean Board Soy Products Guide
 – This online quick guide will help you source and buy the latest soybean products.

United Soybean Board Soy New Uses
 – This web site will provide the most up-to date information on soybean products available.


Business Opportunities

There are countless ideas for new soy products, and many of those ideas need help reaching the market. ISA will work with organizations and individuals to offer essential tools for identifying and sharing products/technologies, so they can reach their full potential.

Whether you are a product development company looking for the next “green” idea or an entrepreneur who needs help getting your product off the ground, you’ve come to the right place. 

Using a stagegate process, ISA can help products and ideas come to market more effectively and efficiently.


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