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Indiana Livestock

Indiana Pork Facts

  • Pork is the #1 consumer of soybean meal in Indiana, consuming 500 thousand tons in 2011.
  • Indiana hogs eat 42% of all soybean meal fed to livestock in Indiana.
  • Indiana hogs eat 11% of all soybean meal produced in Indiana, which is equal to 16.7 million bushels of soybeans.
  • Indiana ranks 5th in hog production.
  • Indiana pork farmers raised 8.5 million pigs in 2011.
  • Indiana pork farmers contribute more than $3 billion each year to Indiana's economy.
  • Indiana pork farming employs more than 13,000 Hoosiers.
  • Indiana pork farmers spend more than $600 million in local, rural economies each year.
  • Indiana pigs are the leading consumer of Indiana grain - more than $300 million worth each year.
  • There are 3,000 pork producer families in Indiana.
  • Indiana pork farmers deliver the annual pork needs of every man, woman and child in 15 million more people in the U.S. plus 5 million more people around the world!

Sources: Informa Economics and Indiana Pork –2011 data

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