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Global Aquaculture

  • Global fish consumption has doubled in the last 40 years, outpacing population growth. 
  • World, non-farmed fish harvest peaked in the mid-1990s, and has leveled off since. Today, we have more fishermen working harder to catch the same amount of fish.
  • Current global aquaculture production is 60 million tons. That’s half the world’s fish supply for human consumption.
  • By 2030, global demand for aquaculture fish is predicted to increase by 40 million tons to 100 million tons.
  • Currently, global aquaculture feeds use approximately 15 million metric tons of soybean meal. That’s about 525 million bushels.

Indiana Aquaculture

  • The Economic Importance of the Aquaculture Industry in Indiana is significant. See the Purdue Extension study results here.
  • In 2007, ISA spearheaded a strategic planning effort with the Indiana Aquaculture Association and Purdue University's Aquaculture programto develop Indiana's aquaculture industry.
  • Indiana produces roughly 1.5 million pounds of fish per year from about 40 farmers estimated at a value of $15 million.
  • Fish grown in Indiana include tilapia, yellow perch, prawns, shrimp, bait fish, catfish, hybrid striped bass, bluegill and decorative fish.
  • Indiana fish farmers currently use about 3 million pounds of feed.

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