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Aquaculture in the Midwest doesn’t have a well-established track record like other forms of agriculture, so acquiring funds and insurance from traditional farm sources can be difficult.  Lenders and insurers will want to see a well-developed business plan with income and cash flow statements before they consider funding/insuring an aquaculture operation.  They may also want to see a best management practices plan. 
Please visit the other sections to get more information covering these and other topics.
The following material can be used as a starting point for acquiring funding and insurance for your fish farm.
For spreadsheets that will assist you in projecting costs and returns click on Economics

The Availability of Aquaculture Crop (Stock Mortality) Insurance.pdf

Connor Aquaculture Insurance.pdf

FAO Review of the Current State of World Aquaculture Insurance.pdf

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal.pdf

Do's and Don'ts from a Lender's Perspective.pdf

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