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Animal health is perhaps more of a challenge in aquaculture than any other type of livestock agriculture. There are very few veterinarians actively involved in fish health, thus it is often difficult for fish producers to obtain veterinary services. There are also few approved drugs available to treat sick fish. For these reasons, it is critical for fish farmers to implement a best management practices (BMP) plan that encourages fish health. The most common cause of fish disease is stress, and a well-developed BMP will help farmers minimize stress to their livestock.
The following material can be used as a starting point for getting involved in aquaculture.

AACWkshop Drug Diagnostics Handout.doc

APHIS State and Federal ContactList.xls

Calculating Treatments.pdf

Fingerling Purchase.pdf

Fish Health Inspections.pdf

Sanitation Practices for Aquaculture Facilities.pdf
Aquaculture Biosecurity.pdf


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